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PowerUp! Challenge

The PowerUP! Challenge is a nationwide program that began in 2021 with partner SEI. Over the course of 6 weeks, students participate in weekly challenges that are designed to build awareness of energy conservation and renewable energy sources. In just one year of hosting this challenge, 111 students from Whitehorse High School, Lafayette High School, and Kearny High School participate, giving 21 winners scholarship money.

INTRODUCING THE PowerUp! Renewable Energy Scholarship

SOLV Energy’s commitment to creating a brighter future doesn’t stop with our projects. We recognize the ripple effect our work makes and our responsibility to produce and share that good energy.

SOLV Energy is proud to announce the inaugural offering of our PowerUp! Renewable Energy Scholarship. The PowerUp! Scholarship gives us the opportunity to engage with you and learn more about your passion for renewable energy. Up to 6 high school seniors will be awarded $1,500 each to use toward their education to help create a more sustainable planet.

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