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Loggan Purpura | SOLV Energy CIP Compliance Manager

What Branch of Military did you serve in? Marine Corps

How long did you serve? 5 years

What was your job in the military? Avionics Maintenance Technician. We focused on troubleshooting and maintaining the avionics systems for the F/A-18

How did you make your way into the solar/renewables industry? Are your jobs similar? Being part of the renewable industry has been a part of my family for a while. When an opportunity arose to join the team I took advantage. My current and military role are not similar.

What is something you learned in the military that you keep with you today? Something that I learned in the military that I still keep with me to this day is to stay positive because it could always be worse.

What is something you would like civilians to think about on Veterans Day? I would like civilians to remember that Veterans Day is a day of celebrating the military, not a day of sadness. It’s a day that should be filled with pride and support for those who have served in the military.

What does Veterans Day mean to you? Veterans Day to me is a day that I reflect on all the great people met and memories made while on active duty. It’s a day that I remember all the great Veterans that helped paved the way for us to live free in America. Overall, it’s a day that I am grateful for because of all the support from friends and family.

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