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Who we are

At SOLV Energy, we believe that good energy has a ripple effect. That’s why we take on projects that have the opportunity to provide cleaner power, better jobs, greater education, and a brighter future for our communities. Backed by a powerful legacy, we’re branching out to focus on renewable energy initiatives—continuing to build and manage more effective utility-scale solar, energy storage and high-voltage substation solar installations, and more.

Together, we’ve learned that being number one doesn’t mean taking the easy route, it means taking the right one. As we grow and continue to face challenges, we will be on the front lines tackling the good fight for better energy. We are SOLV Energy.

Our Focus Dream Bigger with SOLV Energy

This is our moment. We are investing everything to rethink the way solar works. SOLV Energy is the same reliable, experienced team you trust—now with more to offer. With enhanced services and new technologies, we’ll continue to power the way to a cleaner future for all. Join the renewable energy revolution with the SOLV Energy team by your side.


Leading the Charge

SOLV Energy was founded in 2008, inspired by an opportunity to bring cleaner energy solutions to our partners and the areas in which they operate. Throwing ourselves into the energy arena in full force, we began with commercial installations and quickly pivoted to utility-scale to provide a bigger impact.

Since then, we’ve worked across America and abroad, building over 12.5 GW of solar energy projects, offering superior service, providing dependable jobs to the surrounding areas, and lending support to communities in need. Through the passion and dedication of our people, we’ve developed a unique approach that’s data-driven and agile. The result? A smooth process with the most efficient turnaround.

Recognized Industry Leaders
#1 EPC Contractor Wiki Solar
#1 O&M ASP Wood Mackenzie
#3 Solar Contractor Solar Power World

Now, we’re leading the charge into new renewable territory, providing the same quality of service to energy storage solutions and beyond. By leveraging our proprietary tech and pushing ourselves to innovate, we constantly look for new ways to bring the best value to our clients.

Powered by Our People

Together, the honest, hard-working SOLV Energy team members support and push each other to excel in everything we do.

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