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Good Energy
Has a Ripple

We are passionate innovators built for speed and volume, prepared to leave behind a legacy.

Building Good Energy

At SOLV Energy, every individual is passionate about improving our home through high-quality renewable energy. That’s why we’re invested in building and managing state-of-the-art energy systems and storage solutions that maximize production for optimal results. Each project is an opportunity to provide cleaner power, better jobs, greater education, and a brighter future for our community.

Powerful New Brand

Bold curiosity led us to where we are today. Our relentless quest to innovate will propel us to a better tomorrow. The next era of renewable energy is here. We are now SOLV Energy. Bigger, better, on our own, and more determined than ever.

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SOLV Energy has a can-do attitude. They build projects and solve problems in an expedited, efficient, well-built way…For us there is a seamless integration: SOLV Energy says they’ll build it, SOLV Energy says they’ll operate it, and then they deliver top quality work. David Zwillinger D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments