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A Data-Driven Approach

To accurately detect underlying issues and assess the efficacy of a power plant, performance analysis is essential. Our services range from data analytics to degradation studies. With an all-around in-house team, we’re able to provide design support, energy modeling, commissioning and testing, and many other day-to-day operational needs.

Field Testing

The Future of Testing

We offer a series of tests on equipment, both third party and our own, to ensure your technology is operating optimally, living up to warranty standards, and giving you the most ROI. As with everything we do, safety and efficiency are at the core of our process—maximizing productivity and pushing the boundaries of technology with an end product that delivers.

High-voltage (HV) Testing

Plan Ahead & Increase Your Bottom Line

Optimize your MV/HV substation systems with NETA-compliant acceptance and maintenance testing, repairs, and upgrades. Our in-house team of utility design professionals, electrical and civil engineers, substation electricians, and transmission and distribution linemen will ensure your system functions properly for long-lasting performance.

Construction Management

Your Agile Advocate

In addition to installation, we offer Construction Management services. From project management to overseeing your own team, we know what it takes to bring a project safely to completion. Being on-site gives us an agile approach to solving challenges, creating efficiencies that result in time and cost savings. We’re primed to be your advocate and committed to getting the job done right.

Wind Monitoring, Controls & Dispatch

24/7 Service for Wind Assets Worldwide

We also provide 24/7 monitoring, control and dispatch for wind assets from the SOLV Energy OCC. Our data integration team works with SCADA providers and turbine manufacturers to integrate site data into our OCC and configure alerts. This team will communicate with the local boots on the ground, track work orders and will execute orders from Balancing Authorities, ISO’s, Utilities or Qualified Scheduling Entities. In addition, SOLV Energy can provide monthly reporting, NERC GOP responsibilities and GO support for these assets.

Maximize your project’s success with our team of dedicated, in-house experts.

A Full-Service