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SOLV Energy partnered with Solar Energy International (SEI) to launch their Women in Solar Program, working to empower women to take their careers to the next level through solar energy training, networking, mentorships, and job connections.

SOLV Energy’s corporate sponsorship helped fund both online and in-person scholarships for SEI students. One scholarship option provided the opportunity for recipients to attend SEI’s Women’s Grid-Tied Lab Week, covering costs for travel and lodging expenses. Additional scholarships included the full NABCEP package, covering tuition costs, travel, and lodging for recipients.

In 2023, the program connected 253 women through solar energy training. SOLV Energy’s sponsorship helped provide funding for 49 individuals in the Women in Solar Program. The program emphasized the broader goal of diversifying the entire workforce and has trained 29 women in a hands-on Grid Tied Lab Week in Paonia, CO, with both English and Spanish sessions. The SEI Women in Solar Power online communities, mentorship webinars, and networking events have collected significant participation, with 656 women in the English community and 199 in the Spanish community.

SEI aims to mitigate climate change, promote sustainable economic growth, and support energy independence by working to empower their students, alumni, and partners to expand a diverse, inclusive, well-trained and educated solar workforce.

"This program has provided us with insights into the shared journey many women undertake in this industry—facing similar challenges, overcoming stumbling blocks, breaking down common barriers, and dispelling prevalent myths,” said Pia Day, Women in Solar Power program lead. “The stories of resilience and perseverance from numerous women have been truly transformative; they've infused us with newfound strength and conviction, reinforcing the idea that our focus should remain on strengthening this program forward.”

“Powered by innovation, solar has been growing at an incredible rate over the last decade. Diversifying the perspectives and experiences that drive and inform our businesses will be key to achieving the goals we have as an industry,” said George Hershman, CEO of SOLV Energy. “We're proud to support this incredible program that creates opportunities for women to build bright careers in clean energy.” During this Women’s History Month, we celebrate not only all the women who have participated in the Women in Solar Program, but all the women who make up our industry, and those who will continue to join in the coming years!

Click HERE to learn more about SEI’s Women in Solar Program.

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