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Today we are reflecting on the innovation and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each day, our team strives to find our place in the sun and part of those efforts mean building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all. Here are some ways you can celebrate today!

Deep dive into one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches

The 'I Have a Dream' speech has no parallels. It is the most famous studied speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches. There are other lesser-known speeches of MLK Jr., which are also thought-provoking. MLK Jr.'s 1964 Nobel Peace Prize address is worth reading. In that speech, Dr. King speaks on the war on poverty and how humankind should come together to combat it.

Watch documentaries or films about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If reading is not your forte, you can opt for watching a documentary or film on Dr. King. 'The Eyes on the Prize' and 'Selma' are excellent pieces of work of you want to reflect on Dr. King's contributions to America.

Read books on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions

There is no shortage of books regarding Dr. King's legacy and contributions. You can order various books on Dr. King online to better understand his contribution to America.

Adopt a philanthropic attitude like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King was an advocate of philanthropy. His series of sermons on 1963 that would later become the book, Strength of Love about the importance of giving. You can also keep the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s ideas alive by donating to a charity of your liking.

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