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Welcome to Resolve's Cultural Corner! As a way to illuminate our DEI path, we have introduced a new series highlighting diverse perspectives on career and life featuring members of our SOLV Energy team. Cultural Corner will build awareness and encourage appreciation for our variant cultural backgrounds!

Tell me about yourself. Who are you? Where did you grow up? How do you identify?

My name is Adolfo Reyes, I am from Mexicali Baja California, Mexico, the hottest city in the world this year with temperatures of 127 degrees. I’m part of the so called “Fronterizos” which means “People that live in the frontier”, most of us grow up in a bilingual environment to get better opportunities in life.

What do you value most?

I can say that family is the most valuable thing in this world.

What were you told as a child that you still believe today?

I was told that “The sun shines for everybody”, and I still believe it as a solar technology specialist.

How does your cultural heritage influence who you are?

I can say that Spanish is a big influence in who I am today. In Hispanic culture, we are able to express what we want to say in so many ways by making up our own words and slangs that means something very specific.

What family traditions or superstitions do you have?

We love to celebrate death. Growing up, we are taught that death is nothing to be afraid of; instead we see it as part of our journey of our soul.

What cultural similarities and differences do you have with your closest co-workers?

I can tell that we all believe in a peaceful environment regardless of culture but at the same time we all bring our own traditions to the table which makes SOLV Energy a unique place to work.

Please share something that you’d like everyone at SOLV to know about your cultural heritage.

We are “Mexi-can”, not “Mexi-can’t”, we come in all shapes and heights, and we are here to contribute to build a better future.

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