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By Hilary Sigler, External Communications Coordinator

In every organization there are familiar faces that create an impression for the entire company. When you step through the doors at the SOLV Energy headquarters in San Diego, you will be greeted by the smiling face of Valeria Cruz!

As a receptionist and administrative assistant, Valeria is not only responsible for making a radiant first impression, she's also working behind-the-scenes to help keep the day-to-day operations of our office running smoothly. From scheduling conference rooms to keeping our team’s supplies and snack drawers full, Valeria is on top of her game for making sure our employees are set up for success. Be sure to stop in with her to have a badge created when you visit our office.

She is driven by a goal “to strive to do better and do something today that my future self would thank me for later.” Valeria chooses to apply this mentality to every aspect of her life, both in her personal life and in her role at SOLV Energy. She appreciates the development of strong professional relationships, and to SOLV Energy’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and improving the overall business environment. Valeria has expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to fulfill her purpose “with an incredible company that is composed of great people and good energy.”

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