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SAN DIEGO – George Hershman, CEO of SOLV Energy, the nation’s largest utility-scale solar installer, today issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Department of Commerce issuing a positive preliminary determination, ruling in favor of Auxin Solar’s anti-circumvention petition.

“After years of supply chain challenges and trade disruptions, I remain concerned that the Commerce Department chose a path that could jeopardize the solar industry’s ability to hire more workers and construct the clean energy projects needed to meet our country’s climate goals.

“The upside is that Commerce took a nuanced approach to exempt a number of manufacturers rather than issuing a blanket ban of all products from the targeted countries. While it’s positive that companies will be able to access some of the crucial materials we need to deploy clean energy, it’s still true that this ruling will further constrict a challenged supply chain and undercut our ability to fulfill the promise of the Inflation Reduction Act.

“I am a longtime advocate of the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credits to incentivize domestic panel production that will support future solar deployment and help us regain our position as a global leader in renewable manufacturing. However, it’s inherently hypocritical to call the same manufacturing process taking place in the targeted countries ‘minor and insignificant’ when we’re incentivizing the exact same process here in the U.S. It doesn’t pass the commonsense test.

“Ultimately, we need to put an end to harmful trade barriers and instead focus on creating jobs and bolstering our energy independence.”

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Scarlett Chepke

SOLV Energy, Communications Manager

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