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George Hershman, CEO of SOLV Energy, the nation’s largest utility-scale solar installer, today issued the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s action to provide relief for the solar industry.

"President Biden's decisive leadership enables companies like mine to move forward on stalled projects and bring solar workers back to our jobsites. This announcement provides much needed clarity in the short-term on trade, and takes action on his promise to deploy more clean energy resources domestically while growing American manufacturing in the long-term.

“While I applaud the President for his leadership in building a brighter future today, the lingering threat of tariffs stemming from the ongoing circumvention case will continue to jeopardize our clean energy progress. I strongly urge the Department of Commerce to work toward a swift end to this case and put the solar industry fully back to work.”

For more information on how SOLV Energy is working to provide cleaner power across the nation, visit



Scarlett Chepke

SOLV Energy, Communications Manager

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