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KNOX, IN - SOLV Energy, a major solar energy installer in Indiana, participated in the 2023 Starke County Manufacturer’s Day Career Day on October 12 to highlight the exciting career opportunities that exist in the solar industry to more than 400 local students.

“In Starke County and all across the state, solar energy is booming, providing a pathway for high-paying, fulfilling careers for the next generation,” said George Hershman, CEO of SOLV Energy, a key clean energy job creator in the area.”

“The manufacturing sector in particular plays a critical role in powering the domestic economy across a variety of different industries, and the solar energy industry is no exception. Recently passed federal clean energy investments have spurred a domestic manufacturing renaissance that will create even more employment opportunities in solar and help shore up our supply chain so we can bring even more jobs and homegrown, clean power to communities.

This event took place on October 12 at Knox High School. Alongside their partner Doral Renewables, SOLV Energy team members were on the ground at the event to facilitate interactive learning opportunities and discuss the number of different careers paths within the solar industry.

“This event is an exciting opportunity to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of the clean energy workforce to consider a career creating good energy”, said Hershman.

For more information on how SOLV Energy is working to provide cleaner power in Indiana and across the nation, follow SOLV Energy on social media.

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