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As a solar contractor, SOLV Energy's mission is to generate good energy in communities through projects for people and the planet. Renewables are helping to expand access not only to energy resources, but also to better education for students at all levels. We invest in opportunities that promote education equity and help build a pathway to bright careers in solar energy. 

In March 2024, SOLV Energy traveled to the Four Corners Region for the Skip the Grid project, an initiative founded with the Heart of America Foundation and Cal Poly University. This year we welcomed long-time industry partner, Nextracker, as co-lead sponsor on our third annual trip. 

Working with staff at Central Consolidated School District in Kirtland, NM, to identify families without transmitted power, Skip the Grid project partners installed solar powered systems that provide clean electricity, battery storage, and light in 26 Navajo homes. The installations were led by students from Cal Poly’s College of Engineering, creating the opportunity to put Cal Poly’s philosophy of “learn by doing” into action. 

This phase of Skip the Grid included an education day with K-8 students. As part of the Solar 101 lesson, students learned about utility-scale solar projects, like the San Juan Solar & Storage project in Kirtland, NM, explored the Goal Zero system we install on homes, and saw how solar energy works by completing our hands-on solar PV car activity.

Nextracker is committed to an equitable, sustainable energy transition. Skip the Grid supports our shared goal to apply our expertise to initiatives that not only power our communities with better energy, but also create a full circle opportunity to engage with our projects. 

Learn more about the experience through interviews with project partners from Nextracker, Heart of America and Cal Poly University in the video below. For more information on joining or supporting Skip the Grid, visit

Watch our 2024 project recap. 

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