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Read about our impact in 2023

We’re proud to release our first Impact & ESG report, Impact with Intention. 2023 was a busy and meaningful year, engaging with our stakeholders, solidifying relationships, and putting more ‘Good Energy’ into our work. Learn about our successes and results.

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Our ESG Journey

Our ESG strategies are rooted in our mission, core values, and the passion of our people. The SOLV Energy Code of Conduct establishes our expectations for ethical behavior, adherence to human rights and fair labor practices, and our focus on safety, community, and the environment – for both our people and our partners. Our Impact & ESG Policy strengthens and defines SOLV Energy’s promise to stakeholders regarding our ESG efforts.

Our market leading teams and initiatives work to support ESG objectives, including Government Affairs, Community Relations, Safety, DEI, and more. This work is ongoing, and we recognize a growing need to further identify and manage risks and capitalize on opportunities. As we grow, we will continue to optimize and operationalize our ESG strategies.

Learn about our Supply Chain Responsibility practices here.

ESG Oversight

Made up of cross-functional members of SOLV Energy’s management cohort, the ESG Committee provides recommendations on new policies and oversees programs and implementation of ESG related initiatives. The Committee establishes and executes protocols for employee ESG training and engagement and manages disclosures to stakeholders on material ESG issues and impacts.

2023 Materiality Assessment

To identify and assess our strategic priorities from an impact & ESG perspective, SOLV Energy completed a formal materiality assessment. Through a comprehensive engagement process, we considered common ESG reporting frameworks, industry best practices and stakeholder input to define and prioritize aspects of our business most material to our success. The resulting materiality matrix is found below.

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What's Next

We are early in our ESG journey and will cross several important milestones as we enter the next phase. In 2024 we anticipate conducting our initial Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory, which will lead to a better understanding of our unique emissions profile, help establish reporting boundaries, and inform future management decisions. Further actions and program development include the production and release of our inaugural Impact & ESG Reports, conducting climate risk assessments, the continued buildout and operationalization of our Sustainable Solutions programs, and further development of ESG policies, as appropriate.